A beautiful road trip from Mendocino to Eureka

by Adella andrade
(Fontana, Ca. USA)

Little River's Fern Canyon, Photo by Matthew High

Little River's Fern Canyon, Photo by Matthew High

I met my brother in Mendocino where my husband and i stayed in a town called little river in a cottage - at the time it was called the seafoam Inn. my brother was staying at the old school house which was further down the coast.

My brother took us all over Mendocino. we had breakfast and then afterwards went to the town's flea market.

The next morning we drove along the coast, stopping almost in every town. I remember going through the redwoods or a park, and went through a tall tree - that was amazing. then we stopped in a town off the 101 and had an early dinner there. it was a beautiful restaurant amongst the redwoods. We walked around for awhile and then started driving towards Eureka.

When we got to this town, I loved it all. the Victorian homes and all the buildings were very unique. we stopped at a corner saloon and had a drink or two before heading back to Mendocino.

My husband and I had never realized how beautiful Northern California can be. this for me was a great experience, thanks to my brother. he lives in a little town called placerville.

Now we are showing our children the northern parts of California.

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Thanks Adella!
by: Suzi

What a great adventure! I've done that same trip many times myself - so I definitely know what you mean about the beauty of the coast, the redwoods, the little towns and villages along the way.

If you loved the Victorians in Eureka, you should visit Ferndale next time you're up that way. It's about 19 miles from Eureka and it's chock full of beautiful Victorians! Also visit the Samoa Cookhouse just outside Eureka, one of the last standing and fully operational logging camp cookhouses - plan a lunchtime visit!

Fontana is about as far away from Northern California as you can get and still be in California, LOL - it's no wonder it took you awhile to discover us! But I'm very glad you did, and it's wonderful that you're now bringing your kids up to discover what NorCal has to offer.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Adella! Happy Northern California trails!! ;D


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