Amazing Whale Watching in Moss Landing

by Charlie
(Palo Alto, CA)

This was on their website!

This was on their website!

We had a simply incredible experience two weeks ago on the Monterey Bay.

My wife and I live in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley Area) of the San Francisco Bay and never realized what an amazing place the Monterey Bay is. We've been visiting Santa Cruz, Moss Landing and Monterey for years.

But this is the first time we ventured out on the ocean. When we were visiting Moss Landing, we saw a sign that said "Whale Watching".

Moss Landing is a neat experience in itself. It's a quaint little fishing village in the middle of the Monterey Bay with some excellent restaurants, antique shops and of course an awesome whale watching company with a perfect size boat ran by a marine biologist and her partner (who is also the captain). They run a perfect little business. It's very personal and they seem to do whatever it takes to provide a good time.

We were out for almost six hours!

It's just the two of them and we could tell how much they enjoy taking people out and showing them the incredible magic of the Monterey Bay. We even saw a sperm whale. Dorris, the marine biologist, said that most people will never see a sperm whale on the Monterey Bay for their entire life. And that includes her and most people who spend everyday on the Bay! We also saw what they said were Pacific White Sided Dolphins which "bow rided" the boat and were swimming all around the boat like some kind of swarm. There were like 50-100 of these little critters going nuts all around the boat! We also saw a handful of Gray Whales and a handful of what they were calling Risso? Dolphins. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I can't say enough about how cool this was. The name of the company is called Sanctuary Cruises. I found their web site and it is Sanctuary Cruises Link.

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Whale Watching at its Finest!
by: Suzi

WOW, Charlie - I'm so glad you shared your awesome experience with us! What a personalized and intimate whale watching trip!! I added a link to Sanctuary Cruises at the bottom of your story so everyone can check out their website - definitely a company I want to recommend!!


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