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Northern California Beaches

You Won't Give up Beaches by Choosing Northern California!

Some people may be under the impression that the only good California beach is a beach in Southern California. That is so not true!

Though they're not always sandy and they're not always overcrowded, Northern California beaches have a lot to recommend them.

From Del Norte County next to the Oregon border to the southern tip of the Big Sur coastline, there are countless beaches along the Northern California shores.

NorCal is a more rugged environment than SoCal, especially along the coast where much of the shoreline involves steep cliffs, and rocky outcrops.

Some cliffs drop straight off into the ocean, offering little to no access to the water, but they make up for it with gorgeous views and wonderful opportunities for whale watching ashore.

Other cliffs are a little more gradual in their approach to the ocean, making room for various combinations of sandy strips, pebbly patches, sea stacks, bedrock jetties, and craggy areas just right for finding a bit of privacy.

Northern California Beaches
From Long Sandy Stretches to Sunset Beaches

Many Northern California beaches are long, wide, and sandy - just like those in Southern California.

But many are unusual and interesting to explore because of their unique qualities.

There are beaches that are covered in pebbles instead of sand, like Rodeo Beach, north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County.

Several beaches collect a lot of driftwood, from which visitors enjoy building structures.

Some contain semi-precious gems, like Jade Beach in the Big Sur area of Monterey County.

Others are particularly known for their exquisite sunsets like the one above, at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur.

Some are covered in largish round stones like Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino County near Schooner Beach.

Others are covered in sea glass instead of sand, like Glass Beach in Fort Bragg.

Several are nudist beaches, but we share that trait with some of the Southern California beaches as well.

Some are at times home to huge Elephant Seals during their mating and birthing seasons, like Piedras Blancas, at the Southern tip of Big Sur near San Simeon.

Then there are the lost beaches along - where else? - the Lost Coast that are pretty hard to get to.

And don't even think you have to go to Southern California if you want to surf. Ever heard of the Mavericks Invitational? Where the waves have to be at least 20 feet before the call goes out? Twenty-four of the "best and most daring big-wave surfers in the world"? Right here in Northern California!

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