Discovering Northern California's
Advertising Policy and
Full Disclosure of Revenue Streams

Why We Have an Advertising Policy

Discovering Northern California is committed to providing you, our friends, fans, followers, and visitors, with free quality information for you to use in exploring the wonders of Northern California.

We spend a lot of time, energy, and money traipsing around the North State and then working at the computer - writing, processing through photos, researching - to bring you the most current and accurate information about tourist attractions, things to see and do, insider secrets, and upcoming events and festivals (I know, it's a rough job, but someone's gotta do it!).

And we love doing it! But there are expenses involved with producing any website.

You must register and pay for your domain name (Discovering Northern California dot com); website design and hosting are ongoing expenses; then there are the costs of running the equipment to produce your website (computer equipment, internet access, necessary software, electricity).

And for, there are the expenses involved with traveling and research.

Important Stuff You Need to Know about our Advertising Policy

Advertisers and sponsors are selected for their relevance to our readers' interests, and for the quality of product and/or service we believe they provide, although we cannot make any guarantees on their behalf.

We make many recommendations within our articles and pages - about where to go, what to see, and what to do in Northern California. We may even occasionally recommend a particular hotel, inn, or restaurant based on our personal experiences there.

Our Promise to You

We are also sometimes asked to do a review for which compensation is offered (monetary or in-kind). If so, the requesting party is informed that any opinions expressed in such review will be the honest opinion of the reviewer, and a positive review is in no way guaranteed.

In no case will any review be influenced by compensation received, and you, our readers, will always be informed of said compensation.

We would never recommend a product, company, or website to you that we did not believe in, and we certainly wouldn't allow a product review or recommendation to be influenced by monetary or in-kind compensation.

If you enjoy the free content provided to you at Discovering Northern California and would like to help support our efforts, please join our ever-growing community by sharing your stories and comments with us, and by supporting our affiliates, advertisers, and sponsors.

Full Disclosure of Revenue Sources

Discovering Northern California runs third party advertisements through Google Adsense which are clearly identifiable as advertisements.

Additionally, we have a number of affiliate advertisers and sponsors that include, but are not limited to:

  • 5 Pillar Program for

You will see their advertisements and in-text links throughout the website.

Some sponsors pay a monthly fee for their advertising. Others pay a small commission when you click on their ads or text links. Still others pay a small commission when you click through and actually purchase a product or book a reservation.

Please rest assured that none of this compromises the integrity of the information provided by Discovering Northern California in any way.

If you're an advertiser with a product or service in Northern California and would like to know more about advertising on, please see our Advertising Information Page.

Please continue your exploration of what Northern California has to offer by using the Nav Bars in the left and right columns or by using the links at the bottom of the page.

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