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When we first started blogging our #TravelTuesday photo series back in January of 2013 at Discover Northern California's Travel Blog, it didn't occur to us that those items - like all the others on that page - would eventually drop off the bottom of the viewable page.

When it did occur to us, we realized we needed to collect them somewhere.

Otherwise, those who weren't around when they originally posted couldn't find them.

And we all love to see photos of the places we're interested in...

So here we are!

In case you're wondering, #TravelTuesday is a Twitter phenomenon - the popular social media app used by over 9 million people - created by Katy Lynch of Where I've Been, and now used on Facebook, G+, MySpace, bebo, etc. to share the places they've been to, lived in, and/or want to go to.

And, of course, Photo-of-the-Week (or -Day or -Month) is a favorite publishing tool throughout the Internet.

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week:
Remember Alfred Hitchcock and The Birds?

If you remember The Birds, the 1963 suspense/horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, you may recognize this house - it was used as the school house where the children, their teacher, Annie Hayworth (Suzanne Pleshette), and the movie's love interest, Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) are attacked and chased down the street in front of the schoolhouse by a huge flock of very angry crows. Continue reading...

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week:
Sunflowers are the happiest of flowers!

Glenn County Sunflower Field by Suzi RosenbergGlenn County Sunflower Field by Suzi Rosenberg

The Great Central Valley of California stretches for almost 500 miles, from Bakersfield in the south to Redding in the north and it's known for its agricultural production. When you think of commercially grown agricultural products in the Central Valley, you probably think of nut and fruit trees, cotton, rice, grapes, maybe tomatoes.

Sunflowers do not usually jump to mind! Continue reading...

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week:
Marilyn Monroe Returns to Palm Springs!

"Forever Marilyn" by Scott Chalmers"Forever Marilyn" by Scott Chalmers

Before you all start jumping up and down to tell me that Palm Springs is not in Northern California, I know...

But we were there recently and wanted to share what we discovered on our visit. What we found was "Forever Marilyn," the 26 foot tall bronze and stainless steel sculpture of Marilyn Monroe created by American artist, Seward Johnson.

"The sculpture is inspired by the famous photograph by Bernard of Hollywood from the film The Seven Year Itch. She is located at what many call the corner of 'Main and Main,' Palm Canyon & Tahquitz Canyon Way in the heart of downtown Palm Springs.

"Marilyn Monroe has many legendary ties to Palm Springs. To name a few, she was photographed and 'discovered' by Johnny Hyde from the William Morris Agency at Charlie Farrell’s Racquet Club. She was also rumored to have frequented a Movie Colony estate with Joe DiMaggio, currently known as the Sand Acre Estate, and owned a 1950’s bungalow-style house in Las Palmas."

The statue is on loan to the city of Palm Springs from The Sculpture Foundation through June 2013.

"I don't mind living in a man's world
as long as I can be a woman in it." ~ Marilyn Monroe

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week:
Luther Burbank Home and Gardens in Santa Rosa

Luther Burbank Greenhouse by Suzi RosenbergLuther Burbank Greenhouse by Suzi Rosenberg

Santa Rosa is probably better known to most people for its Historic Railroad Square, or the Charles M. Schultz Museum, than it is for the Luther Burbank Home & Gardens. But that's too bad because this is a treasure gem worth seeking out.

If you remember your history lessons, Luther Burbank was a renowned botanist and a pioneer in agricultural science, having developed many new strains and varieties of plants, including a spineless cactus and the plumcot (a cross between plums and apricots).

But you may not know (from those same history lessons) that Luther Burbank lived and worked in Santa Rosa for over 50 years, experimenting and developing even more new agricultural varieties of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. His home, greenhouse, and gardens are now a Registered National, State, and City Historic Landmark.

Visit the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens any day for a walkabout amongst the gardens, but for a special treat visit from April through October (when the gardens are at their best) and take a docent-led tour of Burbank's home, the greenhouse, a portion of the gardens, and summary of his life and achievements.

"The secret of improved plant breeding,
apart from scientific knowledge, is love."
~ Luther Burbank

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

You might also want to visit the Luther Burbank Experiment Farm in nearby Sebastopol.

#TravelTuesday #Photo-of-the-Week:
When Does Scrap Become Art?

Doxie Metal Sculpture by Wolf RosenbergDoxie Metal Sculpture by Wolf Rosenberg

When it's turned into critters and creatures with personality like the ones you'll discover at Packway Materials in Shasta County, California. Owner, Richard Hathaway and his brother Will, have been using bits and pieces out of his company's junk pile (and by bits and pieces, we mean old propane tanks and WW II airplane wing tanks).

This ginormous doxie is my favorite as he
holds his tail proudly in the air!

Packway Materials Junk Art

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