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Best Northern California Day Trips

Best Day Trips is all about getting out and exploring. Where ever you are in Northern California, there's a perfect day trip just waiting for you to discover it.

Call them Sunday drives, one day trips, mini vacays, outings, joyrides, day trips, what-have-you, just the prospect of an excursion - getting out of the house or office and out of the day-to-day-routine for a jaunt through the countryside - lifts most people's spirits. And Wolf and I are no exceptions.

We have been day-tripping since we first met.

In fact, our very first date was a day trip to Columbia State Historic Park in California's Gold Country.

We packed a picnic lunch, put the top down on Wolf's MG, and careened through the gold-plated foothills along the 49er highway.

What a romantic way to start a relationship, don't you think? And he was always coming up with ideas like that. No wonder I said "Yes!" a few months later!

Northern California Day Trips
Take Us Near and Far, High and Low

Columbia SHP by Aiden Wakely-MulroneyColumbia SHP by Aiden Wakely-Mulroney

Now, over 50 years later, we're still day-tripping, and finding new places to discover and new things to do every day!

Through the years we've traveled north, south, east, and west.

We've seen every famous tourist attraction in NorCal, but also discovered many more insider secrets and unknown gems.

  • We've driven the winding roads into the mountains,
  •  beach-combed along the seashore,
  • meandered through the redwoods,
  •  explored caves and caverns,
  • seen deserts in bloom,
  • strolled city streets,
  • and discovered pygmy forests and glass beaches.

Just last weekend, we spent the day in the Mission District, one of San Francisco's famous neighborhoods. We toured Mission Delores, asked the ladies in the Gift Shop for restaurant or cafe suggestions where we could discover the "flavor" of the neighborhood, and had a wonderful day exploring. It was one of our very best day trips ever!

We've learned about California's fascinating history: the building of the missions; the transitions from Spain to Mexico, to the United States; the California Gold Rush; how the Great Central Valley came to supplying so much of the world with its food.

And now we're dying to share what we've discovered with you - all of our day trips will take you to every nook and cranny of Northern California. Check the links in the Related Pages boxes and click on the links to explore Northern California as we have. You won't be able to resist making some of these jaunts your favorite day trips as well!

Here are some of the Northern California Day Trips that we've outlined for you. Be sure to check back as we'll be adding many more of our best day trips to the list! And the Related Pages in the right-hand column are sure to give you ideas for fabulous day trips of your own!

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