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Del Norte County California
Queen of the Outdoors

Del Norte County is about as far North and West as you can go in California! And it's as rugged and natural as it is isolated.

It's stocked with state and national parks, uncrowded beaches, wild rivers, old growth redwoods, and wildlife you won't see elsewhere.

It's all about the outdoors in Del Norte: birdwatching, camping, fishing, kayaking, rafting, redwood parks, surfing, hunting.

But there are also tourist attractions like the Trees of Mystery and the Sky Trail, Ocean World, Rowdy Creek Hatchery, and the Tour Thru Tree.

Plus End of the Trail Museum and the Historical Society Museum for those interested in history and Native American artifacts.

Insider Secret
: You might expect Del Norte to be pronounced Del Nort-ay in the Spanish fashion, but the locals drop the "e" in pronunciation, and call their home county Del Nort.

Meet the Giant Redwoods of Del Norte County

Home to Jedediah Smith Redwood SP, Del Norte Coast Redwoods SP, and Redwood NP, Del Norte plays host to thousands of hectares of temperate rain forest.

A temperate rain forest is an oceanic moist climate, characterized by abundant rainfall, and moderate temperatures throughout the year.

The redwoods here are Coast Redwoods, different from the Giant Sequoias you may have visited in the Sierra Nevadas.

Coast Redwoods and Giant Sequoias can both lay claim to the title of Largest Trees in the World, but for different reasons.

The Coast Redwood towers over other worldly trees at up to 370 feet tall, besting the Giant Sequoia by 59 feet, and is thus the Largest Tree by virtue of height!

The Giant Sequoia, on the other hand, can have a diameter twice as large as the Coast Redwood, earning the Largest Tree title in terms of bulk.

But enough of that! Del Norte's redwood forests offer up a profusion of scenic and tranquil possibilities for communing with nature, and that's what we're really interested in!

In Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park alone, you'll find 20 miles of hiking and nature trails. There's also camping, birding and wildlife viewing, river rafting and kayaking, and fishing. All of it in some of the most spectacular forests in the world!

More Del Norte County Discoveries

Impressive as they are though, there's more to discover in Del Norte than just redwoods and rain forests.

You'll discover the rich heritage and culture that the Yurok and Tolowa Native American tribes have contributed to Del Norte's character.

Explore the towns of Del Norte:Crescent City - port city, lumber town, home to the North Coast Marine Mammal Center; Klamath - vacation destination for nature enthusiasts and anglers; Smith River - Lily Growing Capital of the World; Gasquet (pronounced GAS-kee) - reputed to be the rainiest place in California.

Visit the lighthouses, or the Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery; take in
the roadside attractions like Trees of Mystery and Tour Thru Tree; Jet Boat tour the Klamath River; find the Roosevelt Elk herds; surf; search for Big Foot...

If you're looking for the pristine, undiscovered and unspoiled California, Del Norte is what you're looking for!

Discovering more about Del Norte County:

  • Del Norte Attractions
    Wild and scenic rivers, towering Coast Redwoods, Trees of Mystery, and lighthouses plus fishing,water sports, birding... Find out more about Del Norte!

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