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Our Site Map is the Easy Way to Find Your Way Around Northern California!

Site Maps are very handy because sometimes you just don't have the time to deal with all the pictures and fluff of a normal travel blog or website page.

You don't want to search through an entire page of prose to find that one topic you're really interested in.That's why we created this page. To help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Welcome to DNC's Site Map

Northern California Beach;<br>Photo by Suzi RosenbergNorthern California Beach;
Photo by Suzi Rosenberg

Think of a Site Map as a Table of Contents or an Index.

No pictures (well, almost no pictures!), no maps, no padding - just an easy way to find the Northern California travel tips that YOU are looking for.

The group of pages you'll find listed first are what I call the "Taking Care of Business" pages, things like "About Us,"  "Contact Us," etc. - arranged, as you can see, in alphabetical order.

Next comes "Where Do You Want To Go Today?" - each major area of Northern California listed alphabetically with it's sub-pages underneath.

The site map sub-pages are grouped by type of topic, like "Attractions," "Beaches," "Camping" - so, if you want travel tips about San Francisco or Yosemite, look for "Discover San Francisco", and "Discover Yosemite".

Or maybe you're looking for specific adventures like camping or whale watching in Northern California (not necessarily near San Francisco or in Yosemite). You'll find those site map listings under "What Do You Want To Do Today?"

And last - but certainly not least - you'll see the site map section I like to call "Discovering YOUR Northern California Adventures!" These are the comments, contributions, questions, stories, and travel tips that YOU and other READERS LIKE YOU have given us - along with the gift of their Insider Secrets!

So check out our Site Map - Discovering the Northern California topics YOU'RE interested in - and click on the links!

Or simply enter what you're looking for in the Search Box below and let Google help you find YOUR favorite NorCal topic!

And if none of this gets you what you're looking for, feel free as always to contact us and we'll do my best to answer (or find the answer to) any of your Northern California questions!

Discovering Northern California's Site Map:
Taking Care of Business

Discovering Northern California's Home Page

  1. About Us (Who Am I and Why Am I Doing This?)
  2. Advertise (Are You an Advertiser?)
  3. Advertising Policy (Can You Rely on Our Travel Tips?)
  4. Build Your Own Website (Want to do What I've Done?)
  5. Contact Us (Have a Question or Comment?)
  6. Privacy Policy (How Much Do We Respect Your Privacy?)
  7. Site Map (You are HERE!)
  8. Visitor Survey (Tell Us What YOU Think of Discover Northern California!)

Discovering Northern California's Site Map:
Where Do You Want to Go Today?

Discover Alameda County (and Discover the East Bay)

Discover Alpine County (Fondly Called The California Alps)

  1. Alpine County Attractions

Discover Big Sur (Quirky Character at its Best)

  1. Big Sur Attractions (First Timer Must-Sees)
  2. Big Sur Beaches (Garrapata to Elephant Seal)
    Garrapata, Molera, and Pfeiffer
    Mill Creek and Limekiln
    Sand Dollar, Jade Cove, and Willow Creek
    Nude Beaches in Big Sur
  3. Big Sur Camping (Backcountry to Streamside)
    Backcountry Camping
    Camping Update
    Forest Service Camping

    Oceanview Camping
    Private Camping
    State Parks Camping
    Streamside Camping
  4. Big Sur Day Trips (Where do YOU Want To Go?)
    Big Sur Day Trips: Salinas
  5. Big Sur Free Things To Do
  6. Big Sur VRBO, Vacation Rentals by Owner

Discover Butte County (Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty)

  1. Chico (Charming Little College Town)
    Chico Day Trips (Where Do YOU Want to Go?)
    Chico Day Trips: Sutter Buttes
    Chico Day Trips: Gold Country Drive
  2. Chico Downtown (Lively and Vibrant)
    Chico Downtown Shopping
    Chico Downtown Culture
  3. Chico Events (Local to National)
    California Nut Festival
    Chico Kite Day
    National Yo-Yo Contest
    Snow Goose Festival
    Soroptimist Home and Garden Show
  4. Chico Farmers Markets (Let Me Count the Ways)
  5. Chico Things To Do (Never at a Loss for Something to Do)

Discover Calaveras County (of Jumping Frog Fame)

  1. Calaveras County Attractions (Antiques to Ziplines)
  2. Calaveras County Communities to Visit

Discover California's Central Valley (California's Ultimate Gold Mine)

  1. Chico Farmers Markets (Let Me Count The Ways)

Discover Del Norte County (Rugged and Natural)

  1. Del Norte County Attractions (Old Growth Redwoods)

Discover Fresno County (Raisin Capital of the World)

Discover Humboldt County (Redwoods Country)

Discover Lake County (The Bounty of Four Seasons)

Discover Lake Tahoe (A Border Runs Through It)

  1. Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts (Not Only About Skiing)
    Ski California
    Ski Nevada
  2. Lake Tahoe: Discovery Trail

Discover Marin County (East Marin or West Marin?)

  1. Belvedere and Tiburon
  2. Marin County Attractions (The Top 11)

Discover Mendocino County (Diverse and Spectacular)

  1. Fort Bragg (Blue Collar Fishing Village)
  2. Little River (Don't Blink - You Won't Want to Miss It!)
  3. Mendocino Village (Are We in Maine Yet?)

Discover Modoc County (A Taste of the Outdoors)

Discover Mono County: Mono Lake

Discover Monterey County California (Beach Towns to Farmland)

  1. Carmel-by-the-Sea with Pets (by Carol Martin)
  2. Monterey (Former Capital of Alta California)
  3. Salinas (Worth a Day Trip from Monterey or Big Sur)

Discover Napa County (Half of California's Wine Country)

  1. Napa County Attractions (Beyond the Wine)

Discover Nevada County (Cornish customs & Victorian traditions)

  1. Historic Grass Valley
  2. Nevada City

Discover Sacramento County (Home to the State Capitol)

  1. City of Sacramento
    Discovery of Gold: Coloma
    Old Sacramento
    Sutter's Fort

Discover San Francisco (None Other Than The City)

  1. San Francisco Attractions (First-Timer Must-Sees)
    Alcatraz Island
    Cable Cars
    Coit Tower
    Fisherman's Wharf
    Golden Gate Bridge
    Union Square
    Union Street
  2. San Francisco Neighborhoods (My Favorite Part of The City)
    Chinatown Neighborhood
    Fisherman's Wharf Neighborhood
    North Beach Neighborhood
    The Marina/Cow Hollow
  3. San Francisco Nude Beaches (Beaches - Who Knew?)
  4. San Francisco Things To Do (The Free and The Almost Free)

Discover Santa Clara County (and Silicon Valley)

Discover Santa Cruz County (Ag Land & Beaches to Redwoods & Zip Lines)

  1. Discover Santa Cruz (Beach City Babylon)
  2. Santa Cruz Things To Do (Iconically Speaking)

Discover Shasta County (An Original All the Way)

Discover Siskiyou County (The State of Jefferson)

Discover Solano County (The NE Corner of the Bay Area)

Discover Sonoma County (The Other Half of Wine Country)

  1. Sonoma County Communities
  2. Sonoma County Day Trips (There's More Than Wine)
    Sonoma County Day Trips: Glen Ellen
    Sonoma County Day Trips: Russian River
  3. Sonoma County Wineries (But Then There's Wine)
  4. Sonoma Valley Wineries (The Appellation)
  5. Sonoma Town (History, Shopping, and Wine Tasting)
    Sonoma Plaza
    Sonoma Plaza History
  6. Sonoma Things To Do (More Free Things To Do)

Discover Tehama County (Olive Country and More)

Discover Top Northern California Attractions

Discover Trinity County (Trinity Alps, Clear Mountain Lakes...)

  1. Trinity County Attractions (Joss House to Scenic Byways)
Discover the World (Where Have We Been and Where Will We Go?)

  1. Ashland, Oregon (It's Not ALL About Shakespeare!)

Discover Yosemite National Park (Wilderness at its Best!)

  1. Yosemite Camping (The Wild and the Wooly)
    Yosemite Campgrounds (Everything You Need to Know)
  2. Yosemite Lodging (Take Your Pick)
    Yosemite Cabins & Tent Cabins
    Yosemite High Country Lodges
    Yosemite Hotels
    Yosemite Lodge at the Falls
  3. Yosemite's Secrets: Off the Beaten-path Adventures
  4. Hiking with Yosemite Bears
  5. Don't Feed the Bears
  6. Yosemite: Taft Point
  7. Yosemite: Things to See and Do

Discovering Northern California's Site Map:
What Do You Want to Do Today?

Discover Day Trips (Expand your horizons)

  1. Big Sur Day Trips
    Day Trip to Salinas
  2. Chico Day Trips
    Day Trip to Sutter Buttes
    Day Trip: Gold Country Drive
  3. Sonoma Day Trips
    Day Trip to Glen Ellen and Jack London
    Day Trip along the Russian River

Discover Beaches (NorCal Beaches are so varied!)

  1. Beach Safety Tips
  2. Big Sur Beaches
  3. Nude Beaches

Discover Camping (Northern California Camping is the BEST!)

  1. Camping: Big Sur (On the Rim of the Pacific)
  2. Camping: Family Camping Tips (From Our Family to Yours)
  3. RV Destinations in Northern California
  4. Camping: Yosemite (Drama at its FINEST!)

Discover Events and Festivals (throughout the North State)

  1. County Fairs in California
  2. January through March Events & Fests
  3. April through June Events & Fests
  4. July through September Events & Fests
  5. October through December Events & Fests
  6. Northern California Fun Food Festivals

Discover the Freebies

  1. Free Things to Do in Big Sur
  2. Free Things to Do in Chico
  3. Free Things to Do in San Francisco
  4. Free Things to Do in Santa Cruz
  5. Free Things to Do in Sonoma
  6. Free Things to Do in Yosemite

Discover the Gold Rush (California's Claim to Fame)

  1. Gold Discovery (January 24, 1848)
  2. Gold Panning (Then and Now)
  3. Gold Rush History (Going for the Gold)
    Around the Horn
    Overland by Covered Wagon
    Then On to the Goldfields
  4. Gold Rush Sites (See how the 49ers Lived)
    Empire Mine
    Old Sacramento
    San Francisco's Gold Rush Role
    Sutter's Fort
    Sutter's Mill
  5. Gold Rush Trail (Follow the 49ers)

Discover Helpful Hints and Tips

  1. Beach Safety Tips
  2. Best Kept Travel Secrets
  3. Family Camping Tips
  4. iPhone Apps for Mapping out Holiday Travel
  5. Nude Beaches
  6. Tide Pool Tips
  7. Travel Sites I Love
  8. Travel Tips
  9. Whale Watching Tips
  10. Whale Watching Tips Aloft
  11. Whale Watching Tips Asea
  12. Whale Watching Tips Ashore
  13. Wine Tasting Tips
  14. Winter Driving Tips

Discover Insider Secrets

  1. Discover Activity Village (Awesome Activity Experiences)
    Discover Castle Rock (and Rock Climbing)
  2. 1906 San Francisco Earthquake via
    Seán Street's interview of survivor, Herbert Hamrol
  3. Guest Articles (What's THAT All About?)
    Carmel-by-the-Sea with Pets
    Collins Lake Deer
    Fall in Eastern Sierra
    Ghost Stories of Big Sur and San Francisco
    Great Stays, Low Pays
    iPhone Apps for Mapping Out Holiday Travel
    Mono County: Mysterious Mono Lake
    RV Destinations in Northern California
    Sonoma County: Enchanting Healdsburg
    Tahoe City: Discovery Trail
    Visit Historic Downtown Grass Valley
    Yosemite: Taft Point

    Yosemite: Things to See and Do
  4. My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

Discover our Photo Galleries

  1. Deer Pictures: Collins Lake
  2. Lake Shasta Caverns Gallery
  3. Photo-of-the-Week
    Alfred Hitchcock & The Birds
    Sunflowers in Northern California
  4. More Photos #1,
  5. And More Photos #2
  6. And Even More Photos #3
  7. And Yet More Photos #4
  8. And Yet Even More Photos #5 

Discover Whale Watching

  1. Whale Watching Tips
    Whale Watching Tips Aloft
    Whale Watching Tips Asea
    Whale Watching Tips Ashore
  2. Whale Watching Trips
    Whale Watching Aloft
    Whale Watching Asea
    Whale Watching Ashore
  3. Whale Watching Videos

Discover Weekend Trips (Expand your horizons more)

  1. Experience the Great Depression in Monterey
  2. Get Away from it All in Big Sur
  3. Gold Country Drive
  4. Inexpensive San Francisco
  5. Lake Tahoe Weekends any time of Year
  6. Pacific Flyway
  7. Pretend You're a Kid in Santa Cruz
  8. Russian River Drive
  9. Winter Weekend in the Shasta Cascades
  10. Wintertime Fun in the High Sierras
  11. Visit the Marin Coast
  12. Yosemite: A Weekender's Paradise

Discovering Northern California's Site Map:
Discovering Your Northern California Adventures

Here's What Our Readers Have to Say!

  1. YOUR Big Sur Adventures
    Big Sur After the Fires

    Tubing on Big Sur River
  2. YOUR Calaveras County Adventures
  3. YOUR Chico Adventures
    The Stephens Hull Shed
    If You Visited Chico

  4. YOUR Del Norte County Adventures
  5. YOUR FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
    Do You Know any Good Spots
    to go Crabbing in Northern California?

    Looking to Relocate to Northern

    Warmer Weather Camping in

    Zip Lines??
    How Do I Download a Map for the Russian River Drive Day Trip?
  6. YOUR Gold Country Adventures
    5th Grade History Field Trip
  7. YOUR Lake Tahoe Adventures
  8. YOUR Marin County Adventures
  9. YOUR Mendocino County Adventures
    Best Wintertime Whitewater in California
  10. YOUR Miscellaneous Adventures
    Dream of Dreams
    From My Youth: Burney Falls
    Great Stays, Low Pays
    Lost Coast Pictures
    More About California Admission Day
    My Lodi
    Nevada City
    No Story, But...
    The Most Boring Road in California
  11. YOUR Napa County Adventures
    Downtown Napa Not So Good;
    Go Up the Valley

    "Why Shouldn't You Pay Like
    Everyone Who Visits?"

  12. YOUR Northern California Camping Adventures
    Warmer Weather Camping in March/April?
  13. YOUR San Francisco Adventures
    Great Places to Eat in San Francisco!
    How To Be A (Hayes) Valley Girl
  14. YOUR Santa Cruz County Adventures
    My Home Town
    Old Friends in Santa Cruz
    Santa Cruz Boardwalk: 3 Generations
    Santa Cruz Memories
  15. YOUR Sonoma County Adventures
    Cinnabar Theater in Petaluma
    Sonoma Cooking Class
    Sonoma: Top Wine Destination
  16. YOUR Trinity County Adventures
  17. YOUR Weekend Trips Adventures
  18. YOUR Whale Watching Adventures
    A Whale Watching Dream Come True
    Whale Watching in March
  19. YOUR Wine Tasting Adventures
  20. YOUR World Travel Adventures
  21. YOUR Yosemite Adventures
    Don't Feed the Bears!
    Hiking with Yosemite Bears
    Yosemite's Secrets - Off the Beaten
    Path Adventures!

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