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Welcome to Activity Village, where people share some of their Insider Secrets about awesome experiences they've enjoyed throughout Northern California.

Have you ever wished you could find an activity book, where all the fun and exciting tours, lessons, classes, training sessions, and experience-style adventures could be found?

That's what Activity Village is all about!

Whether you're into Xtreme rock climbing or gourmet cooking; horseback riding or panning for gold, continue reading to discover fun and adventurous things to do in Northern California.

We'll take you on adventures from the far Northwestern border of Del Norte County to the Southern-most tip of the Great Central Valley.

Activity Village
Flights, Jumps, Lessons, Rides, Tastings, and Tours

Whether you spend your holidays rock climbing, in water sports, wine or beer tasting, horseback riding, on skydive jumps, golfing, having outdoor adventures, whatever - people are doing it somewhere in California and we're going to tell you all the whos, whats, whens, whys, and hows.

  • peddle through a Santa Rosa bike tour;
  • learn kiteboarding in San Francisco...

People want to share their Insider Secrets with you, and you know you want to learn all about it!

So come along with us and discover the more adventurous side of Northern California - there's so much available to experience, explore, and participate in! And if you have a story about your own adventurous explorations, be sure to share it with us here! It's easy and it's fun.

Activity Village
Some of Our Favorite Adventures So Far

  • Best Wintertime Whitewater in California by Gregg Israel of Willits

    Just north of Willits CA. Taking highway 101 north to highway 162.
    I've found that this section of the Eel River is just right for a short day whitewater rafting trip. The winter outside air temp. and water temp. are mild all winter, still requiring a wet suit to be worn to stay comfortable...
  • How To Be a (Hayes) Valley Girl by Kim and Denise of Northern California

    Kim - So like we went on a food tour called Gourmet Walks in the Hayes Valley in San Francisco and it was like totally bitchin.

    Denise - Like for sure.

    Kim - Our tour guide (and company founder) Andrea Nadel was like totally rad and like full of information about the Hayes area.

    Denise - Like did you know that San Francisco has no three star Michelin rated restaurants?

    Kim - As if!...
  • Sonoma - Cooking Class by Laurie of Chico

    One of the most fun adventures we took was a cooking class held at Ramekins in Sonoma. What a blast. Ramekins has all kinds of enticing cooking classes. They are small, you get copies of all the recipes, easy to do and understand, and the demonstration is close up. We did one of the evening classes with three other couples.....and yes, the husbands, who do not usually cook, loved it and were totally engaged....
  • Panning for Gold in California by DiscoverNorthernCalifornia

    Panning for gold is one of the methods used in placer mining - "the mining of alluvial deposits [river soil] for minerals." And, although it's hard work, gold panning has the advantages of being easy to learn and very inexpensive. Anyone can do it!
  • Rock Climbing at Castle Rock with Activity Card by Louisa of San Diego

    Things to do and places to see, o me - o my! We ventured up to Castle Rock State Park from San Diego for a little getaway, and some rock climbing. My husband has been rock climbing for over 5 years, but still thought it would be fun to use our California Activity Card and take a rock climbing clinic with the folks over at Adventure Out...

Be sure to check back frequently as we'll be adding more of your stories as soon as you send them in! We look forward to hearing from you!

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