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Calaveras County

Exploring Calaveras County
In the Heart of California Gold Country

When I say Calaveras County, what leaps to mind?

Chances are - thanks to Mark Twain - your first thought was jumping frogs and the California Gold Rush! Miners in Levi Strauss' canvas pants, in town to cash in some of their gold and whoop it up a bit.

Card sharks haunting the saloons, looking for easy pickings.

Ladies of ill repute with eyes for any miner with a pouch of gold nuggets around his neck.

And Mark Twain's famous short story, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.

Angels Camp and the county of Calaveras were definitely hopping during the days of the California Gold Rush, and rumor has it that today's County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee has its roots back in the day.

Calaveras County
Gold, Wine, and Big Trees

Yes, Calaveras is home to and birthplace of the Calaveras Jumping Frog Jubilee.

And professional frog teams travel from all over the state to compete their frogs.

And that's PART of who Calaveras is. Now, let's take a look at the REST of the story!

Located on the Gold Rush Trail - State Highway 49 - Calaveras sits smack dab in the middle of California's Gold Country.

 Combine challenging exploration with Gold Rush history and folklore at Gold Cliff Mine, and see the Mother Lode from the inside out at the Sutter Gold Mine.

Wine lovers will find plenty to love in Calaveras too!

Discover hillsides covered with grapevines that produce award-winning vintages. Enjoy a visit to any of Calaveras' many road-side tasting rooms and wineries to find complimentary wine tasting in a convivial atmosphere - you'll be sure you've struck it rich!

From spelunking to zip-lining; from mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing to water sports like boating and fishing ... you'll discover plenty to keep you outdoors and busy in Calaveras!

Skiers and boarders flock to Calaveras for the steep and the deep, with scenic groomed tracks and trails. Or maybe you prefer snowmobiling or snowshoeing - you're in luck with miles and miles of trackless winter bliss!

And don't forget the Redwoods! Calaveras offers up the natural wonders to be found in Calaveras Big Trees State Park (in California "Big Trees" is a euphemism for "Redwoods"!) and the Stanislaus National Forest. Rugged canyons, clear streams, campgrounds and picnic areas - the outdoors just doesn't get any better than this!

So next time you hear Calaveras, you can say: There's much more to Calaveras than just jumping frogs!

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