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I think you'll enjoy this article by Creztor about two of Northern California's more desirable and most spectacular destinations for RVing!

The thing I love most about the Guest Articles and the Content 2 submissions we get from our readers, is they all represent Insider Secrets from people who are in the know because they've been there, done that!

Although we haven't RVed there, we've spent a lot of time in both Lassen Volcanic National Park and the Plumas National Forest, and we can vouch for Creztor's claims!

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RV Destinations in Northern California

By: Creztor Tessel
Contributor at

Having your own RV is a great way for you or your family to get away from it all and enjoy some vacation time away from our hectic and stressful daily lives.

Finding the right RV destination is important but with so many to choose from it can really be difficult to find the right one that has everything you need.

While there are many great RV destinations around the country, some of the best ones are found only in California.

California is an ideal RV destination thanks to its size and excellent facilities that camps and recreation areas provide just for RV goers.

The majority of RV tourists who visit California head to Southern California, but some of the best RV spots are actually found in Northern California.

If you feel like being a little adventurous, try Northern California
instead as you'll be pleasantly surprised. There are plenty of California RV parks available which makes getting to these scenic spots even easier.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen National Forest is just one of the many great places you can stop at to take in the beautiful sights and scenery that Northern California has to offer.

This national park is famous for its volcanic activity and you'll be able to get firsthand experience at the might and power volcanoes can have in shaping the planet we live on.

This is the home of the world famous Lassen Peak, which is the largest plug dome volcano in the world and has to be seen to be believed.

But if volcanoes aren't your thing, don't worry as there is plenty to do and see for everyone.

A wide range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed and include fishing, hunting, hiking, bicycling, boating, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and much, much more.

No matter who you are or what you enjoy, Lassen National Forest is a place that anyone can enjoy.

Plumas County

Another great spot that shouldn't be missed is Lake Davis. Lake Davis was designed with recreation in mind, literally. Why is this? The lake was actually built specifically for recreation purposes, so the motto is recreation and having fun.

There are plenty of summer activities to be enjoyed by everyone
that include camping, picnicking, fishing, hunting, boating and mountain biking just to name a few.

RV goers will find that the camping grounds were designed with RVs in mind and space is provided for up to a whopping 40 self contained RVs.

If hiking is your thing then you might find that Plumas National Forest is the place for you. This national forest is a heaven for hikers and there are a wide variety of streams, lakes, deep canyons, lofty peaks and much, much more.

The park is well known for its pleasant climate and for not being overly crowded.

Next time you go RVing, why not be a little different: take the road less traveled and head to North California.

California is well known for its scenic beauty and wide variety of outdoor activities that RV goers enjoy, but most people don t know that some of the best scenic spots to visit are actually in North California.

Why not take advantage of the California RV parks in the area and take sometime out to enjoy the beautiful scenery and activities that are on offer.

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