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Welcome to our Discover Northern California About Us page! We understand that many of you are here to get to know the faces behind this website and learn about our journey. So, let's dive in. I'm Suzi Rosenberg, and despite the fact that I'm now in my 70s - time certainly has a way of sneaking up on us - I can assure you that life has been an incredible adventure worth sharing.

My husband, Wolf, and I embarked on this website journey with a shared mission: to find a fulfilling sense of purpose and passion that could accompany us into our retirement years. Our lives are deeply intertwined with the beauty and diversity of Northern California - from its vibrant cities and towns to its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures, captivating attractions, lively events, and hidden gems. Our love for NorCal runs deep, and it's this profound attraction that drove us to create this platform, a space where we can wholeheartedly share the wonders of this region with all of you.

About Us at Discover Northern California:
The Early Years

All the Marine Brats with Mr. and Mrs. Marine (that's me on the right)All the Marine Brats with Mr. and Mrs. Marine (that's me on the right)

My Dad's service in the Marine Corps shaped my childhood, earning me the cherished title of 'Marine Brat' that I proudly carry to this day. You've probably heard the sayings, 'Once a Marine, always a Marine,' and 'There's no such thing as an ex-Marine,' and the same holds true for Marine Brats like me.

Growing up in a military family meant a nomadic lifestyle, packing up our bags, household goods, and even our beloved pets every three years or so to embark on a new adventure in a different place. Leaving behind the familiar and friends we'd grown close to was always bittersweet.

But there was a silver lining in this constant change. Every three years, we had the opportunity to transform a new place into our home and to form new friendships. It became a thrilling cycle of saying goodbye to one chapter of our lives and eagerly anticipating the next.

Now you know what makes me tick - the thrill of moving, the excitement of traveling, the anticipation of new adventures, the joy of discovering new places, and the warmth of meeting new people.

From embarking on road trips to waiting at the airport for a flight, from hearing the distant call of a train to standing by the dock as a cruise ship's luggage is loaded, these moments fill my heart with exhilaration and my soul with anticipation of the next great venture

About the Two of Us:
Our Journey with a Young Family

On a weekend day trip to San Francisco with our boysOn a weekend day trip to San Francisco with our boys

Our story took an unexpected turn when I met and married Wolf. Wolf, who had spent his whole life in the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota and had never traveled anywhere, found himself at a base in California after joining the U.S. Air Force, which is where we met, introduced by mutual friends, and our love story began.

When Wolf's Air Force tour concluded, he pursued a college degree to support our budding family. The year was 1974, marked by a challenging job market. Fortunately, he secured a position in his field, which led us to California's Great Central Valley.

In this small and welcoming Central Valley town, we found a safe haven to raise our two boys. It was a time when our finances limited extensive travel, but our adventurous spirits persisted. Weekends and holidays were dedicated to exploring Northern California's treasures, from camping in Yosemite to seaside adventures in Santa Cruz, historical explorations in Sacramento, and family-friendly escapades in San Francisco.

As our boys grew and embarked on their own paths, we found ourselves at a crossroads. With the freedom of an empty nest, we decided to embrace new career opportunities, wherever they might take us. The journey led us to various parts of California, but our hearts ultimately yearned for Northern California.

Our return to NorCal, albeit a different small town, filled us with immense joy. It turned out that this was where we had wanted to be all along. However, our love for exploration never waned. Our About Us story now includes our adventures as world travelers. Using our current home as a base, we've ventured not only across Northern California but also to different parts of the United States and other countries around the world."

About Us at Discover Northern California:
Eagerly Awaiting Retirement & Adventures

Wolf & I in SantoriniWolf & I in Santorini

The day we've long awaited is drawing near - Wolf's retirement is on the horizon, though still a bit down the road. Being the planners we are, we're preparing ourselves for this exciting new chapter.

Retirement promises us the gift of time and the freedom to indulge in our love for travel, a passion we've sampled in recent years. As retirees, we envision seizing last-minute travel deals that require spontaneity, exploring mid-week when rates tend to be friendlier, and liberating ourselves from the confines of a few weeks' vacation each year.

However, retirement also comes with financial considerations. Like many, we aspire to maintain our current lifestyle while also sharing cherished moments with our children and grandchildren. Our dream is to revel in life's pleasures while our spirits are still young and our health robust. But a fundamental question looms - can we afford both these dreams?

In pondering this, we're confronted with the need to secure our financial future, just in case. Life's unpredictability necessitates preparation.

In today's digital age, many tout the possibilities of making money online, whether through platforms like eBay, Craigslist, affiliations, e-stores, websites, or blogging. It seems like everyone possesses 'the answer.'

While these ideas sound promising in theory, there's a caveat - Wolf and I are not internet experts. Our online expertise is limited to shopping and research. Can the average person truly earn a meaningful income online?

Let's clarify our stance - we are skeptics with a capital 'S.' We're not swayed by claims of quick riches or secret formulas to earn thousands per month. We firmly believe that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

About Us:
How We Discovered SBI!

Our journey into the world of online possibilities began with a simple desire to find something we could truly believe in. What initially piqued our interest about SBI! was its refreshing absence of get-rich-quick promises. We thought, "At least they're not making outrageously unrealistic claims about instant wealth!" So, with a healthy dose of skepticism in tow, we decided to delve deeper.

SBI!, which stands for Solo Build It!, describes itself as a web hosting service, but it's more akin to a comprehensive platform that offers a masterclass in successful site building.

We dived into the experience by watching videos, exploring websites owned by SBI! users, studying case studies, and downloading free e-books like "Make Your Content PRESell!".

What truly captivated us was SBI!'s commitment to handling the technical intricacies of website construction – an obstacle that had stymied us in our prior online endeavors. Equally appealing was their money-back guarantee.

As we delved further, SBI! continued to impress. We decided to take the plunge, knowing that if it didn't meet our expectations, we could always request a refund.

Today, I proudly wear multiple hats as Publisher, Editor, Travel Writer, Photographer, Videographer, and Chief Bottle Washer, while Wolf serves as Photographer, Advertising Manager, Researcher, Videographer, and Traveling Companion on our beautiful website. Allow us to introduce ourselves as the website producers who thoroughly enjoy every moment of our journey.

In the interim, SBI! has not only fulfilled its promises but exceeded our expectations. If, like us, you've contemplated "Doing Something on the Web," and are curious about how we chose SBI! as our website hosting application, please visit our 'You Too Can Build Your Own Website!' page.

SBI! not only empowered us to create this wonderful website but also enabled us to share our love for travel, new adventures, and unique places – especially in Northern California – with you!

You might wonder if we possess unique skills or knowledge that set us apart. The truth is, we had no prior experience with website building, HTML, CSS, or any of that technical jargon. We still don't. Thanks to SBI!'s latest platform, BB2 (short for Block Builder "Second Generation"), building a website with SBI! requires minimal technical expertise. And anyone new to SBI! starts with BB2!

Our expertise lies in sharing our love for Northern California and the other destinations we explore with you. Crafting articles about the best things to see and do, uncovering tourist attractions, and revealing insider secrets – that's where we excel. Let SBI! handle the rest! If we can build a website like this, trust us, so can you – and so can anyone!

and new places - especially in Northern California - with you!

You may be thinking we're somehow special that we were able to do this - that we must have had knowledge that you don't have. Believe me, it's not true! We had no previous knowledge or experience of website building, HTML, CSS, or any of that stuff. We still don't know a lot about it. We don't need to.

And with SBI!'s newest platform, BB2 (short for Block Builder "Second Generation"), the art of building a website with SBI! is becoming even easier - pretty much NO tech expertise needed! And anyone new to SBI! starts with BB2!

What we do know how to do is share our love of Northern California and the other places we visit with you! Writing articles about what there is to see and do, exploring Tourist Attractions and discovering Insider Secrets - that's what we do best. SBI! does all the rest! If we can build a website like this, trust us, so can you - so can anyone!

But you don't have to take our word for it -
Check it out for yourself:


Thanks again for visiting our website. We hope you're enjoying it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you! If you have any questions about Northern California or how we built this website, please feel free to contact us at Discovering Northern California. And come back often to see what's new.

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