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Day Trips from Chico:
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We love day trips! If you're like Wolf and me, you sometimes catch a little cabin fever - no matter how nice your home is, and no matter how bad the economy gets! You're just tired of being stuck at home, dealing with the day-to-day. You yearn to get out and explore the world!

Well, when you live in Northern California, there's plenty of the world to explore right close to home.

And it doesn't have to cost you the equivalent of a monthly mortgage payment to get up and go.

There's much you can do in a single day, thus saving money by sleeping in your own bed.

So we'd like to share some of our favorite Northern California side trips with you - little jaunts that will get you out for a Sunday Drive and maybe show you some insider secrets that you hadn't yet discovered on your own.

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Day Trips from Chico
Head Out on a Sunday Drive from Chico

Those who live in and around Chico know that it's not always quick and easy to visit other parts of Northern California from here.

Much of it requires at least an overnighter!

Sacramento - an hour and a half drive - can be done as a day trip, if you don't try to do everything.

Lassen Volcanic National Park - at under two hours - is definitely within range.

Lake Shasta - two hours away - makes a longish day trip, but is quite doable.

San Francisco and parts of the Bay Area - at three to three-and-a-half hours just to get there - can be done, but it makes for a killer day! (Been there, done that when the 49ers were playing.)

But most of the rest of NorCal needs more of a commitment in terms of time and money!

The coasts of Sonoma and Mendocino - a four to four-and-a-half hour drive. Monterey or Big Sur - four to five hours. Yosemite - about five hours along some mighty winding roads. Lake Tahoe - more winding roads for three to four hours in the car.

But there are many things we Chicoans can do from home in a day or less - some days will be longer than others, of course, but that's okay. Sometimes we just don't want to get back home too quickly, do we?

So let's start exploring. Where will you go on your next excursion from Chico? Check out my suggestions below, and if you have a trip you'd like to share, we'd love to hear about it!

We're Sure You'll Enjoy these Trips!

  • Sutter Buttes is one of the most amazing landmarks in the Sacramento Valley! Standing by themselves - rising as they do straight up from the valley floor - they can be seen from miles around, and they're worth a closer look!
  • A Gold Country drive you won't want to miss! Start in Grass Valley, then head for Auburn, Coloma, and Placerville. Tons of California Gold Rush history!
  • For a fun adventure, head up to Lake Shasta, do a tour of the dam, and visit Lake Shasta Caverns!
  • The Wine Country offers a lovely day trip - if you live anywhere near it, you've undoubtedly gone wine tasting many times! And that's always fun - but Sonoma and Napa also make for a charming Sunday drive in the country!

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