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It's amazing how many people from all around the world know about this somewhat isolated little town in Northern California! They usually know about it for one of the following reasons...

  • They were born here, lived here at one time, or went to school here
  • They know someone who was born here, lives here, lived here at one time, or went to school here
  • They drink Sierra Nevada beer (which was born in our town and still resides here!), or they know someone who drinks Sierra Nevada beer!

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No matter how you came to know about our little town, we will be tickled to read your story!

Did you grow up in Chico? Share how it's changed - for good or bad. Go to school here? What's you're best tip for other college students in Chico? Ever vacationed in our town? Tell us the good, the bad, the funny, and the ugly about your trip.

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The Stephens Hull Shed 
My father, William Charles Stephens Junior, grew up in Chico. He with his brothers and father built the hull shed and the cinder block house just outside …

If You Visited Chico 
I'm loving you website, so I thought I'd ask: If you visited Chico, where would you stay?

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