"Why shouldn't you pay like everyone who visits?"

by Gillesp

We visited Napa and enjoyed Napa Valley. However, someone is right about the video traffic enforcement in the downtown area! It is vicious! When I got the citation in the mail and called the city court to discuss, the lady told me : "Why do you think you shouldn"t pay just like everyone else who visits Napa?" And the amounts are very large for a nothing violation.

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Re Problems in Napa
by: Suzi

Greetings Gillesp,

Okay, so this is the second comment of this nature about "doing business in Napa," and I have to admit, I'm just a bit curious.

Napa Winship Building Downtown

I've visited downtown Napa many times and never received a ticket, so I think the begging question is, "What are you guys from Washington doing in Napa - running all the red lights?" I'm just sayin' ...

Seriously though, don't let this deter the rest of you out there from a visit. Follow the traffic laws and you shouldn't have a problem.


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