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Big Sur Nude Beaches

They're Beautiful, But Big Sur Nude Beaches Can Be Dangerous!

Before you visit Big Sur Beaches - or any beach in Northern California - please follow this link to our Beach Safety Tips. You'll find suggestions for keeping you and your family safe along our shores!

Big Sur Nude Beaches

The nude beaches in Big Sur are actually mixed beaches - the nudity usually occurs in one small portion of the beach, at one end or the other.

If you plan to join in, remember to be circumspect if there are non-nudists in the area so they'll have no reason to file a complaint.

See Northern California's Nude Beaches for general information on going au natural in Northern California.

Okay, here's where to find them (or where not to go if you want to avoid them).

Big Sur Nude Beaches: Garrapata State Beach

Garrapata Beach is considered by some to be the best nude beach in NorCal partly because of the beauty of its setting.

But it's also sheltered from the wind at the north and south ends, making it maybe 20 degrees warmer than many other beaches in the north end of the state.

Most of the nude sunbathing occurs at the far northern end of the beach, but there may be a few nudies at the southern end as well.

Obviously the whole Big Sur area is much more crowded on weekends, and there are considerably more families than during the week. Therefore, a little more circumspection might be in order on the weekends.

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Big Sur Nude Beaches: Pfeiffer Beach

This is not to be confused with Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park! Two different places entirely and although they're not far apart, you don't want to take your clothes off in JPB State Park.

Pfeiffer Beach is on Federal Land, not State, and it's run by Parks Management Company, which manages the U.S. Forest Service campgrounds and day use parks in the area.

Most of the clothing-optional activity occurs at the north end of the beach, beyond the rocks, but it can really be too cold here at times to doff your clothes unless you're very rugged.

Click Here to find out more about Pfeiffer

More Northern California nude beach areas:

  • San Francisco
    Who even knew there were beaches in San Francisco, let alone nude beaches!

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