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Tips for Whale Watching Aloft

Whale Watching Tips When You're Aloft: a Jonathan Livingston Seagull Perspective!

Obviously, you're going to get a very different view of the whales when you're whale watching aloft, so - although it may be a little more expensive - it might also be the most exciting way!

But before we get to our tips specific to when you're doing your whale watching from a boat, a quick review of our general tips for whale watching:

Brief Summary:

  • Plan your trip for peak whale watching season
  • Pick a spot that's known for its whale watching
  • Choose a calm, clear day
  • Be patient
  • And last, but not least: Things to bring along
       A good pair of binoculars;
       A camera or video cam with a decent zoom lens;
       Sun screen and sun glasses;
       Warm clothes, in case it turns nippy;
       A picnic lunch, snacks, and something to drink

You may have been whale watching in the past. If so, chances are you were watching from ashore or you took an ocean-going whale watching boat. But have you ever been flightseeing for whales?

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Whale Watching Tips When You're Aloft

Whale watching from aloft - or flightseeing, as it's coming to be known - offers special views and extra thrills, but you'll need a few extra tips as well.

  • As with boating, you'll want to consider the motion sickness issue

    Is anyone in the group susceptible to motion sickness, or will this be your first time on a boat?

    It's probably a good idea to explore the preventatives and remedies available.

             There are many options these days, from the familiar Dramamine
              to Sea Bands to The Patch and more...

  • How to whale watch, and what to look for: when you're whale watching, this is how to go about it and what you'll be looking for...
  • From the air, you can the surface of the water, but you can also look down into it - whales and other deep water denizens are much easier to spot from a good whale watching aircraft
  • Look for a blow, or spout (as seen above) - when the whale surfaces after a dive, he'll blow the air out through his blow hole, creating a misty vapor jet
  • Also look for whale footprints, especially if you're on a high promontory - you may be able to spot the glassy mark a whale makes on the surface of the ocean, almost like an oil slick (see photo at Tips for Whale Watching)

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